Say Goodbye to Cold Weather... and Store Your Winter Sports Gear for Safekeeping!

Every spring, outdoor enthusiasts across Toronto rejoice: it's time to get out and bike around Toronto Islands, or grab your friends and go stand-up paddleboarding on Lake Ontario. But what about the winter gear filling your closet and piling up in your garage? There's no reason that you have to live with it in your house all year. With a little prep work, you can keep your winter sports equipment in a storage unit until next season, and then pull it out again looking like new. Here are three important steps for storing your cold-weather items.

Pack Your Winter Clothing

Say goodbye to those bulky snowsuits, coats, and boots by keeping them in storage until next winter. Check the labels and wash everything that can be washed; then make sure your items are completely dry before you pack them. Otherwise, unwashed clothes will develop a stale, musty odor. Store these items in large, clear plastic bags or plastic bins so you can easily identify everything next winter.

Take Care of Your Skis, Snowboards, and Skates

Give your snowboard and skis a thorough cleaning before applying a wax coating to protect them for the next few months. Then, store them elevated and upright until you're ready to use them again. Also, clean and dry your ice skates, and make sure to protect yourself and your skates with blade guards before storing them.

Prep Your Snowmobile or ATV for Storage

When it comes to larger sports equipment, you can definitely store snowmobiles or ATVs in your storage unit if it is large enough. Make sure to clean off all of the dirt, salt, and grime that's accumulated over the winter, since this can rust and corrode the equipment. Also, remove the battery and store it separately to keep it from discharging over the summer. Make sure to add a fuel stabilizer to the gasoline to prevent vapourization or condensation from occurring. Of course, a complete checklist of winterization steps will keep your winter equipment in top shape.

You don't have to share space in your home or apartment with winter sports gear. Put these items in storage for safekeeping, and get ready to enjoy some beautiful, warm Toronto weather.


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