Self-Storage Helps When Handling an Estate

Estate planning is an important part of life, but some people neglect to leave a record of their clear intentions. When an estate gets held up due to probate and disagreements among relatives of a deceased loved one, consider using a self-storage unit. Most loved ones will agree to put antiques, family heirlooms, records, furniture, and artwork in a storage unit while working through the details of probate.

If you have an estate attorney involved in the process, check to make sure it's acceptable. In some cases, family members aren't at odds about who will get what item after a loved one passes away, but they can't necessarily get a moving truck and haul away the furniture or artwork until a later date.

Talking to Key Family Members

After grieving the loss of a loved one and comforting relatives and friends, find out what people in the family want to do with any possessions left behind. It's possible one sister would love to have a special portrait while a nephew could use practical items such as mattresses or a kitchen table. The will might stipulate that a dresser goes to a specific person who plans to visit the Greater Toronto area in several months' time. Not everyone who attends the funeral is able to retrieve items at that time. To reduce stress, organize items in a storage unit so no one feels hurried to gather the items. Communication is key to reduce anxiety and any feelings of resentment.

Organizing the Items in Storage

When placing items of a deceased loved one in storage, keep careful records. Label the boxes and furniture according to the loved one's wishes. If they did not stipulate who should receive an item, consult with an estate attorney or the executor of the will. In addition to labeling the boxes, consider sending a statement to other relatives and the executor about what's in the storage unit. It's a good idea to avoid mixing your personal items with the deceased relatives' belongings.

When someone passes away, it's a difficult time for loved ones. Enlist the help of friends and family to put items in storage. Talk to loved ones before throwing anything away as well. At Bluebird Self Storage, we help our clients choose the right size from our clean, safe, and modern storage units.

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