Six Safety Tips for Your Next Moving Day

When it comes to moving, all you really want to do is keep your furniture and possessions intact, and try not to drop anything heavy on your fingers or toes. In all the commotion, just remember these six packing and moving tips for a safer moving day.

Don't Overpack Boxes

While it may be tempting to pack every box to the brim, you'll soon end up with boxes too heavy to manage. Make sure all boxes can be easily carried or carted, especially when it comes to packing boxes of books.

Remove Light Bulbs and Lamp Shades

Remove and pack light bulbs separately to avoid breaking them when you move lamps. The same goes for paper or glass lampshades that can be easily crushed or broken. These should be packed separately with extra padding if needed.

Don't Stack Heavy Items Too High

Whether you're packing a storage unit or filling a moving truck, always avoid stacking heavy items higher than chest level. They're more difficult to pick up the higher they're stacked, and they can even cause injury if they topple.

Bubble Wrap Breakable Items

Certain items like mirrors and large picture frames should always be bubble wrapped or wrapped with padding material to prevent broken glass. Then, secure the wrapping with tape to make it easier to carry.

Remove Batteries and Wires

If your items are going into storage, then remove any batteries and save them in a sandwich bag to prevent corrosion. You can tape the bag of batteries to the side of the item so they'll be easier to find later.

Watch for Tripping Hazards

When your hands are full and you can't see where you're going, it can be easy to trip and hurt yourself. One way to avoid this is to loop up and secure any dangling wires from electronics or appliances. Also, be sure to pack or remove any area rugs or hallway runners to avoid tripping over them during the move.

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