Self-Storage for Storing Seasonal Items and Equipment

While self-storage is often considered to be a temporary option for people who are moving and between houses, apartments, etc, it is also a long-term option for storing seasonal sports equipment such as skis, snowboards, bicycles, kayaks, etc during the season when they are not needed.

This is especially beneficial for residents of the Bow Valley. Moving to towns such as Canmore and Banff often involves a substantial reduction in living space. Self- Storage provides an opportunity for people who wish to downsize their housing and keep seasonal sports equipment without giving up living space. Other items such as lawn furniture, gardening equipment, and snow blowers are also good candidates for seasonal storage. Getting seasonal items out of the garage will allow the car to get back in. By rotating items in and out of storage as they are needed space in the home is kept uncluttered.

The same can be done with summer and winter tires. Items are kept safe from theft and are protected from UV light and other causes of deterioration. Tire storage can be combined with storage of other items. This is not an option available when using the tire storage services offered by tire shops. Long-term rental of a self-storage unit provides a solution when there is room at home for a snowmobile or a motorcycle, but not both.

Bluebird Self Storage offers self-storage solutions for individuals and businesses in Edmonton, Red Deer, Cochrane, Sherwood Park, Canmore, and many more locations. 


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