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4 Reasons to Use Self Storage While Deployed

With deployment looming, there is so much to prepare for, including your future post. Let us help you prepare your current living space to maximize its value while you're away. Bluebird Self Storage serves the greater Toronto area with secure self-storage units for the deployment of any duration. We offer a discount to our military personnel and seek to assist you during the transition. Here are four great reasons to utilize self-storage while deployed.

Generate Income

The best way to make money while deployed is to rent out your home or apartment. Why pay for living space while you're posted elsewhere if you could generate income from renters? With Bluebird Storage, you can store all of your belongings until you return, allowing you to rent or sublet. If you'll be coming and going while deployed, another great option is a short-term rental. Using Airbnb or VRBO, you can rent out your living space for specific dates, rather than for the duration. Store your personal items and valuables with Bluebird Storage, and leave your furniture for short-term travelers.

Protect Your Valuables

Leaving behind valuable possessions is often a cause for concern. When you're deployed, it can become evident that no one has been home in a while. This leaves you susceptible to possible break-ins and leaves your home vulnerable. Bluebird Storage offers state-of-the-art security with multiple security cameras and personal access codes to protect your belongings. Our units are climate-controlled to protect the integrity of your possessions so that you'll find them just as you left them.


Save Money

Don't waste money running electricity, heat, or AC in a living space while you are gone. We can store your belongings for Contact us, and offer month-to-month storage with specials, like 50% off the first 3 months. We offer 10% off to our military personnel as a thank-you for your service. It's our privilege to protect your belongings while you protect our freedoms. As a Bluebird client, you also receive 10% off moving supplies to help you with any transitions.

Create Flex Space

Will loved ones or roommates be living in your home while you're away? Why not utilize the extra space instead of letting it go unused? Store your possessions to make room for grandparents to come and help out with the kids. Convert your garage or office into a play space for the kids to help entertain them while you're away. Or pack up your room so your roommates can use your space as needed.

Deployment is a big transition, with many things to consider. Let us help you check off your to-do list by storing your valuable possessions. You can generate income, save money, utilize your space, and take comfort in our security while you're away. Contact us today to learn more!

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