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5 Things You Should Never Keep in Your Storage Unit

We love storage units for so many reasons! They save you when your in-laws are coming to visit and you have to clean out the spare room. They give you a place to stash your kids' things while they're in college so you can turn their room into that home theatre you've always wanted. But there are certain things that you should never, ever keep in your storage unit. Here are our top five picks for what to avoid.

Perishable Food

Have you stockpiled bags and bags of discounted Valentine's Day candy? Or maybe you caught your favourite protein powder on sale and bought a pallet full? No matter what kind of surplus food you have, don't keep it in your storage unit. It could attract insects and other critters, not to mention become mouldy or rancid.

Flammable, Volatile or Toxic Materials

It's never a good idea to store flammable materials in your storage unit. Anything like gasoline, alcohol, or toxic cleaning supplies can give off fumes or even corrode their containers over time. And you wouldn't want to work in a storage unit while breathing toxic fumes, so don't put your storage neighbors through the same thing.


Pets or Other Live Animals

Do we have to say it? Your storage unit is not an appropriate home for pets, even if it's just a fishbowl or a hamster. All pets need constant care and humane living conditions, so give them to a friend or a neighbor if you need someone to watch them.


Plants are great for your front porch or patio, but not so much for storage units. Your plants may harbor tiny insects that could infest your belongings or those of others storage unit owners. And if your plants die, you'll have a smelly, mouldering mess to clean up.

Guns and Ammunition

Guns and ammunition are best kept locked in a gun safe or other secure location in your home. Never store them in your storage unit. If there were a fire, ammunition could go off and severely injure other people.

For more tips on what you should and shouldn't store, just ask! At Bluebird Self Storage, we're happy to help you find the right home for all your storage needs.

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