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A College Student's Guide to Getting Stuff out of Storage

As summer winds down, college students everywhere are hauling their possessions out of storage and into their dorm rooms or apartments. If you've got a storage unit to unpack, here are some tips for a smooth move.

Don't Just Sniff Test the Laundry

Most college students packed up their dorm rooms in a rush when they left, and that includes packing away dirty clothes in trash bags or bins. Unless you remember packing freshly washed clothing last summer, it's best to wash your clothes and linens so they're fresh and ready to use.

Test out Electronics

Plug in clocks, fans, and microwaves and make sure all electronics still work properly and weren't damaged in transit. Also, charge up laptops and any other devices that may have lost their charge after a long period in storage.


Toss out Old Food

While it's never a good idea to store food, you might come across snacks or food that you packed away last year. Unless the food was unopened or packed in airtight bins, it's best to toss out opened or expired food rather than risk getting sick.

Go Through Old Books

If your books were packed standing up vertically, make sure to inspect the spines and pages for damage or tears. This is also a good opportunity to go through your books and sell or donate the ones you no longer need.

Consider Keeping Your Storage Unit

Just because you're moving back into your dorm or apartment doesn't mean you have to get rid of your storage unit. You can use it to store seasonal gear, extra furniture, and anything that you don't need right away. Best of all, the unit will be ready and waiting for you the next time you need to make a move.

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