Should You Use Storage During A Long-Distance Move?

Trying to decide whether or not to keep your storage unit while preparing to move long-distance involves a lot of factors, but we’re here to help you untangle them.

Whether you’re moving from Vancouver to Churchill Falls, or from PEI to the Yukon, it takes a lot of planning to organize and execute a long-distance move. It may even be enough to give even the most diligent preparer a headache.

Sure, the excitement of something new and the splendor of road trips through the countryside are nice perks, but the decision-making process can get exhausting … especially when you add in the stress of whether to keep your belongings in a storage unit.

We cannot, sadly, wave a magic wand and vanish the hideousness of a long-distance move. We can, however, help you simplify at least one part of the process: making the right decisions about storage.

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When Should You Keep Your Storage Unit?

The nature and duration of your move will have a major impact on whether or not you maintain a storage unit in Toronto, or anywhere else, while you’re gone. Here are a few of the most common circumstances in which people decide to keep their units:

When Your Move Is Temporary

Not every long-distance move is forever. If you’re moving back to your hometown to put down roots, of course, you probably don’t need to keep stuff in your current city. However, many people move for shorter periods of time, including:

  • A corporate opportunity: With the world’s global economy becoming more integrated all the time, many business people have the unique opportunity to work somewhere else for short periods, anywhere from 6 months to a few years.
  • A teaching or nursing job: Both fields offer short stints abroad, also ranging in months to years. This is a great way to see the world without committing to living overseas forever.
  • Care of a loved one: Sometimes a parent or older relative needs care, and you want to be there for them. Many people move to be closer to their parents to assist with their in-home care or to ensure they are comfortable in their current living situation.

Whatever your story may be, keeping a storage unit is one of the best ways to keep your life alive in your current home – and to save you money on all new furniture and possessions when you return.

If You’ll Be Back at Some Point

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Even if it’s not a short-term move you’re making, you might want to come back to the area someday. That, or you might want to hold onto your grandfather’s antique wardrobe dating back to King William’s War, but don’t want to risk a cross-country move for now. Moving damage isn’t uncommon, and while insurance is available, it’s often better not to take the chance.

If your move isn’t necessarily temporary or forever, a storage unit is a good halfway measure. You can always bring over the rest of your possessions if your new home ends up being your forever home.

When You’re Storing a Vehicle

Many people make a move that doesn’t require a car. This is true of moving in with someone else, going overseas, or moving temporarily. It is especially true when the car is a classic or project, rather than an everyday vehicle. If that’s your story, you’ll want the right storage to keep the car clean, dry, and away from potential vandals.

When Your Business Is Involved

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Planning a long-distance move, but not planning to desert your business in the area? A storage unit is a great place to keep inventory in the meantime. Or, if you and a partner work together but you handled the warehousing, you can invest together in a storage unit from which they can access goods when necessary.

Note that, depending on the size of your unit, you may get one for as little as $100 or so, which is a pretty small bill considering the benefits of keeping your stock in a safe, secure, and dry place for the duration of your time away. If you do decide to go the storage unit route, the following are a few tips to consider.

How to Plan for Storage While You’re Away

When you’re moving long-distance, you can’t afford to worry about your storage unit while you’re gone. Here are some tips to make sure storing possessions out of the province is a breeze.

Get the Right Size

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You’re already trying to pull off a long-distance move; you don’t need the stress of an improperly sized storage unit on top of everything else. Instead of renting your unit blindly, be sure to check out a storage size guide to get the right dimensions.

Consider A Climate Controlled Unit

Many possessions are in danger of breakdown if they’re in a moist, hot, or cold environment. Think books, bottles, furniture, clothing … and essentially anything else you might want to store. Instead of leaving them to their fate, get a climate-controlled unit that will let you sleep in peace.

Don’t Share a Unit

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It might feel tempting to share the storage unit with friends or family. Particularly when you consider the hassle of moving long distances, the relief of having someone else handle it can be a powerful motivator.

Don’t do that, though. Sharing units can lead to:

  • The other person opting out and leaving you in a bind
  • “Lost” items that cause suspicion and ruin relationships
  • Money squabbles
  • ...and other unsavory consequences

The exception is when you and a business partner jointly decide to run a venture out of a unit, which is becoming more common all the time and makes sound financial and logistical sense.

Get Ready for Your Long-Distance Move Today!

Feeling more ready to move long distances? We’re ready to help at any time, so get in touch with Bluebird Storage to learn about our rates, options, and deals on storage units. It’s never too early to plan storage for your move, so pick up the phone and give us a call today.

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