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How Do Storage Units in North York Alleviate Moving Stress?

It’s no secret that moving is quite the hassle. From putting your home on the market, trying to find a buyer, to then finding a new home for yourself and your family, the entire process can take a few weeks or even months! Even once you’ve found your dream home, the adventure isn’t over - you still have to go forward with the move itself.

Moving your stuff might not seem like a difficult task, but the more you rummage through your home, you’re likely going to find more stuff! Even once you have everything packed, it’s challenging to know what to do with it until the big move-in day, especially if you’re building a home and have to wait to unpack. Instead of wondering what to do with all your stuff, alleviate your moving stress by renting a self-storage unit! Yes, self-storage units can remove all that unnecessary clutter and stress while you’re in-between spaces, so you have one less thing to worry over!

Storage facilities are more than a place to keep your belongings - they can truly make the entire moving process more enjoyable! Today, we’re taking a closer look at how self-storage can help make your move less stressful and the benefits of keeping your stuff in a storage units in North York!


6 Ways Storage Units in North York Reduce Moving Stress

You might be wondering how a self-storage unit can eliminate all the stress you’ve been shouldering during the moving process? Well, probably a lot more than you thought! At Bluebird, our focus isn’t just on providing moving storage. We like to think about our customers' moving and storage experience, not just what happens when your stuff is at our North York facility!

If you’re looking for ways to make your moving process less stressful, check out our list of reasons down below!



Having to search for moving and packing materials can be stressful. More often than not, a store will be sold out of certain items, or not have all the box sizes you need! This can delay your packing and end up creating more of a headache.

At Bluebird, we carry a wide range of boxes and moving supplies, so you can get exactly what you need before you move into your unit! Between moving boxes, packing tape and paper, mattress covers, and furniture cloths, you can feel confident loading your stuff into a moving truck and at our facility.


Reliable Assistance 

We understand that moving can be stressful, especially if you have an extended time before you move into your new home or business. That’s why we always have a team of experienced, local, friendly team members ready to help you! Whether you decide to store at our North York facility or another Bluebird location, our team members can answer any questions via phone, email, or in person. You’ll never have to worry about talking to an answering machine or call center - we believe that customer service should be personal and helpful! Our team can help you secure your storage unit, up or downgrade unit size, or even accept mail on your behalf! We offer mailbox rental services to all our customers, so you can forward mail and packages to our facility until you’re all settled into your new space. We’re happy to sign for your packages and keep them for you until you’re ready to pick them up!

When you move, you don’t have to go it alone when you choose to store with Bluebird Self Storage. Our team is here to make this transition as easy as possible for you, so you can have one less thing to worry about!


Make Your Home Marketable

Making your home ready to go on the market is easier said than done, especially if your realtor wants to stage your house. Instead of wondering what to do with your stuff, just move it into our storage facility in North York! We can keep an eye on everything for you, and you don’t have to think twice about making your home presentable. Kid toys, personal items, anything that’s particularly valuable to you can stay at our facility while you show your home. By the time it sells, you’ll have all your must-have items already in storage.


Decide Your Move-In Date 

At Bluebird, we let the customer stay in control throughout their moving experience, which means you can decide when you move in. If you call our facility, we can complete your reservation and payment for you and hold it until your move-in date! Just tell us what you need, and we’ll take care of the rest! Once you’ve reserved your unit, you decide what’s best for you - we’ll be ready for your arrival! Plus, we won’t charge a penny until your move-in date, so you don’t have to worry about overpaying for your storage unit.


Complete Protection 

Choosing to store your stuff in a self-storage facility means you won’t have to wonder where to put your moving boxes - or worse, forget where they went! In the hustle of moving, it’s easy to forget things, and the last thing anyone wants is to misplace cherished items.

Self-storage provides total protection on several levels. For starters, you won’t have those pangs of worry when it’s time to pack up the house. Everything has already been securely stored in your storage unit, so besides a final sweep of your house, you won’t have to think twice about where your stuff went.

Secondly, storage units let you protect your stuff from the inside out. At Bluebird, you can choose what type of storage unit you’d like, and each type of unit offers some kind of protection against the elements! At our storage facility in North York, we offer our clients a select climate-controlled storage that helps prevent extreme hot and cold temperatures. We also provide temperature-controlled storage which keeps items from freezing. Both are great storage options depending on your needs; it’s just a matter of the type of protection you’re looking for!

Finally, our facilities do everything we can to keep your items protected, starting with our security. We have security cameras and remote monitoring at every location, so we keep an eye on your items in your absence. Plus, we also use personal access codes among our staff and customers to access our facility. Besides yourself and our team, no one else will be able to enter our facility after hours. Additionally, we offer a property protection plan to all our customers in case of an emergency. This way, in case disaster strikes, your items have the best protection possible.

When you choose Bluebird Self Storage, you can always count on our team to have your best intentions in mind. 


Convenient Moving Amenities

Last but certainly not least, self-storage provides so many convenient moving amenities that you’ll be able to move in and out in half the time! Besides our packing supplies, we also offer other helpful amenities like hand carts and moving dollies that help you transport your belongings into your unit. These simple amenities are great for a long day of moving and make the trips less physically demanding for you and your family.

At our storage facility in North York, we also have a loading dock available for our customers' use! This convenient dock is ideal for ground-level loading. Simply drive up to our dock, park your car, and unload your belongings!

With a storage facility near you, your moving experience doesn’t have to be complicated. Now, you can have everything you need to prepare for your upcoming move and not worry about a thing!


Storage Units in North York Simplify Moving

Even though moving can be a stressful experience, you’ll have a completely different approach to moving when you work alongside reliable self-storage providers. Not only will you have a secure, reliable facility to safeguard your belongings - you’ll also have a team of local experts there to help you throughout the experience.

Instead of wondering what to do during your next move, just contact our North York storage facility. Located off Don Mills Road and local to the greater Toronto area, you can find the peace of mind you need during your upcoming move with our self-storage units.


Want to learn more about our storage facility in North York? Just take a virtual tour online to preview what’s waiting for you! 


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