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Dreaming of a Self-Storage Christmas

Dreaming of a Self-Storage Christmas

For many people, celebrating the winter holiday season involves digging out a variety of elaborate decorations for a couple of months and purchasing gifts for friends and family. These items often are hidden from children to preserve the element of surprise and to maintain the myth of Santa Claus and his assistant, Subordinate Clause. Self-storage offers a secure option for storing gifts in a location well out of reach of curious children and maintains the Christmas morning surprise. 

As an amalgamation of Roman Saturnalia celebrations, Pagan Solstice celebrations from northern Europe, and Christian traditions, Christmas requires an inordinate amount of decorations. Add in the element of neighborly competition and the volume of decorations can become overwhelming. While a simple Festivus pole can be easily stored in a corner of a closet, wreaths, lights, Christmas tree ornaments and artificial trees occupy a significant amount of space during the three-quarters of a year when they are not in use. Placing these seasonal items in self-storage gets them out from underfoot.

Businesses that sell a large volume of merchandise during Christmas can utilize self-storage to keep their inventory close enough to keep shelves stocked. Since storage may only be needed for a few months, there is significant value in choosing a self-Storage facility that only charges for the actual period of storage used instead of a whole number of months. Unlike many other self-storage facilities, Bluebird Self Storage will refund the unused portion of your final month, assuming adequate notice to vacate is given.

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