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How Much Are Storage Unit Prices Near Mississauga?

A convenient, comfortable, and easy way to store your possessions when space is tight is to rent storage units near Mississauga. Mississauga self storage facilities provide a safe place to keep your belongings. They're available in various sizes to accommodate anything from small personal items to larger pieces you may have at home. 

When renovating, moving homes, decluttering, or downsizing, the right Mississauga storage unit located on Sheridan Way can help you take a step back and regroup. You won't have to worry about your things right away because they are in a secure storage location, allowing you to focus on the essentials immediately. There's no better place for all your items, thanks to its convenient access and Bluebird’s excellent customer service.


What Are the Costs of Renting Storage Units in Mississauga, Ontario?

There are many reasons why people decide to rent storage units around the Erindale area, but the one common factor that ultimately seals the deal is cost. The first question many people ask when shopping around for a storage company or even just thinking about self storage facilities is, "How much does a storage unit cost?"

While we can easily discuss prices, it's crucial to understand what is involved. The rental price of a storage unit depends on several factors and trying to make sense of it can sometimes get overwhelming. The savings you’ll get from a lower-cost storage facility, for example, might not be worth it if you sacrifice the quality and security of your storage unit. At Bluebird’s Mississauga facility, not only will your items stay safe, but you’ll experience nothing but ease as you store your stuff.

Our overview will walk you through how storage unit prices vary and break down the different elements that affect these rates. 


What Is a Self Storage Unit and How Does It Work?

A storage unit is a secure space that you can rent from a storage company like Bluebird. You can then fill it up with all your extra possessions from your home or business.

Renting storage space provides a temporary solution for your short, medium, and long-term storage requirements. Once you have decided on the right storage unit and the particular unit size you need, you'll sign a rental agreement or contract which will cover these details and the amount of time you need your storage rental.

The newest of Bluebird's Mississauga storage locations, on Sheridan Way in Mississauga, is a spacious state-of-the-art facility conveniently located to service customers in nearby cities and neighborhoods such as Port Credit and Erin Mills who are looking for complete storage services.

Not only does it offer different unit sizes, but you'll also receive the best services possible. It features drive-up units, motorcycle storage, and special temperature-controlled storage units for sensitive valuables. 

So how do you get started, and what factors determine the cost of Mississauga self storage facilities?


The Factors That Determine the Cost of a Self Storage Unit

For a stress-free storage experience, it helps to prepare even before you look for online rentals or select units in Mississauga. Here are some things to consider before making your choice.


Storage Unit Size

If you need self storage in Erindale or other parts of Mississauga but aren't sure which unit size is right for you, there are plenty of options available at your local Bluebird! Each facility offers different unit sizes but will come at various price points. The size of your unit has the most significant impact on the rental price.

Choose the items you will place into storage and estimate how much space you need. This can help you decide which Mississauga storage unit size best fits your items. A large unit naturally will cost more than a smaller one and vice versa.

When thinking about renting a storage unit, consider Bluebird Self Storage in Mississauga. It provides optimum storage solutions to all your storage-related concerns. You can choose from self storage units that range in sizes such as 5 x 5 to 10 x 25.

Storage units in 5 × 5 sizes can store several boxes of personal items such as winter clothes, books, family keepsakes, and even baby accessories. It’s the perfect size for decluttering or dealing with closet overflow. On the other hand, units that are 5 x 10 and 5 x 15 will come in handy when you have to store some exercise equipment and the contents of a bedroom or two.

Those with more floor area, such as a 10 x 10 or 10 x 15 storage unit can handle the contents of multiple bedrooms like a mattress set, dining room furniture, and even kitchen appliances and patio furniture. These are also popular sizes for your business storage needs. You can keep excess business inventory or documents and other paperwork safely.

Finally, there are large units where you can store the contents of your home, including large appliances like refrigerators and washing machines and larger sports equipment like jet skis and personal gyms. There is also plenty of space for motorcycle storage. 

Finding the perfectly sized unit will ultimately depend on how you utilize your storage space. Check out our guide on how to perfectly pick, pack and organize your self storage unit. 


Length of Storage Unit Rental

The duration of your storage unit rental also impacts the total cost of your storage unit. Read the fine print; some storage facilities may offer low introductory rates to convince you to sign on, then surprise you with a rent increase a few months down the line.

We practice honest and transparent pricing at Bluebird's Mississauga storage facilities (and all Bluebird locations). We value the trust you have given us and know that unexpected rate increases can get highly stressful, so we guarantee that you get the full month's value every month, and your rental rates will stay the same for at least 365 days from your move-in date.

We also offer flexible monthly terms without any long-term commitments. Our team believes that customers deserve the best value and understand that changes can happen anytime. For added convenience, you can reserve your unit and extend rental agreements online.


Unique Features and Amenities

Remember, not all storage units are created equal. On the surface, it may seem like all Mississauga storage facilities are the same. However, if you look closer, some have unique amenities that others don’t offer, though these special features contribute to the higher rental costs of self storage units. 

While all storage units offer much-needed extra for your personal and business property, choose the most secure self storage facility and the storage type that best fits your needs.

A secure facility goes beyond a few lights around the perimeter and padlocks on the doors. In this day and age, customers deserve high-tech security measures, including 24/7 video monitoring and onsite personnel to prevent any untoward incidents.

The storage facility you choose should also be able to protect your items from the weather. Try a climate-controlled storage unit, a particular storage type that keeps your belongings in tip-top condition, whether winter or summer. It will protect your things from extreme heat or cold, as well as prevent the growth of mold or mildew.

Having an indoor unloading area is also essential so you - and your stuff - are protected from the elements when loading or unloading your unit. Drive-up units, on the other hand, provide easy accessibility because you can drive directly to the unit, reducing the stress of having to carry all your stuff (even the heavy ones) to your unit and preventing transport damage as well.  

Bluebird Self Storage in Erindale offers several amenities and special features to have the best storage experience possible. We always have your convenience in mind from climate-controlled units, 24/7 security video monitoring, spacious elevators, and drive-up units.


Get the Best Self Storage Prices in Mississauga With Bluebird

Bluebird Self Storage only offers the best prices for our top-tier storage solutions. We know your items are important to you and that many have value beyond how much they are worth.

Our facilities are modern, clean, and bright, and intentionally built to be convenient for customers while offering state-of-the-art security. Bluebird storage units come in various sizes to suit any storage need or budget. We also offer extra moving supplies and boxes for last-minute packing.

On top of the personal services, you'll get from our team, we also offer a variety of protection plans for our units that range from $5,000 to $20,000 in contents coverage for extra security! All tenants are required to have a Contents Protection Plan for the value of their belongings.

With our secure facilities, special unit features, and expert team, Bluebird Self Storage in Mississauga, Ontario, is your complete one-stop storage solution provider.


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