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How to Find the Best Storage Facilities in Calgary

Finding a reliable self storage facility in Calgary can be overwhelming. There are so many things to consider that it can be hard to know which one is the best storage facility for your particular storage needs.

There are also many players in the market that you need to evaluate with a critical eye. You'll soon discover that not all storage units are created equal when armed with the correct information and research. It's vital to find a balance between affordable prices and superior amenities. And that's where Bluebird Self Storage Calgary comes in to help.

Our Calgary storage facilities have one mission: to provide the perfect storage solution for all your needs. We offer various types of storage units that come in a range of sizes to best fit your items. You can also choose from our amenities and special features that meet your needs and budget!


How Do the Storage Facilities Calgary Residents Prefer Work?

Self storage facilities provide extra storage space for people to safely store their belongings, whether for a short or long-term period. Rental fees are typically charged monthly, and the renter has access to their unit during the facility's operating hours. Most Calgary storage facilities also offer a variety of unit sizes to accommodate different storage needs.


Why Rent Storage Units in Calgary?

People generally need extra storage for a variety of reasons. You might be staging your home for potential buyers, in the process of downsizing, need temporary storage during a renovation, or simply decluttering.

Another common reason for needing a self storage unit is when a loved one passes away, and you've inherited all their possessions. Even college students need storage, as do seasonal sports equipment, baby accessories, and more that you don't use all the time but still have value.

But self storage is not only confined to household storage issues. Many local businesses also use Calgary self storage units for business storage. Rapidly expanding businesses might also need extra documents and record storage and space for their inventory. Downsizing businesses, on the other hand, now need a place to stash their equipment if they've fully embraced virtual office spaces.

Bluebird Self Storage in Calgary, Alberta offers business storage units to help the local economy.

Our storage units offer a reliable storage solution for companies in need of some extra space to store inventory, seasonal equipment, and office furniture. We also have climate-controlled storage to protect valuable files and documents from extreme temperatures.


Top 5 Benefits of Using a Storage Unit

Many benefits come with using a storage unit. Here are five of the most popular ones:

  • Affordability: Self storage offers relatively affordable solutions compared to your home or business.

  • Easy Availability: Storage units are readily available on short notice. At Bluebird's Calgary locations, our friendly and helpful staff can help you find storage in a snap. You can call us, drop by for a visit, or even reserve - and pay for - your unit online.

  • Convenient Locations: Most storage spaces offer easy access, depending on location. At Bluebird Self Storage Calgary, we serve the local community and customers from nearby cities that don't have a great facility like this one.

  • Security: Storage units provide a safe and secure place to store your belongings. Amenities such as heated units, surveillance cameras, and electronic alarm-protected entry come standard. An extremely clean facility is also a sign of a secure space, protecting your possessions from pests and other critters.

  • Flexibility: You can choose the storage unit size that is most appropriate for your belongings and budget. And you're not stuck with one unit for the long term - you can upgrade or downgrade your storage space as your needs change. Our professional staff of storage experts at Bluebird Self Storage in Calgary will help walk you through your storage journey. Come and visit or give them a call.


What Is the First Step in Finding Self Storage Facilities in Calgary?

Evaluate your storage needs. Take some time to look at all the items you plan to place into the storage unit. How much stuff do you have? Are they household or business items? Are there valuables that are temperature sensitive? Your answers to these questions will help you determine the type of storage services you require, the unit size that can fit all your items, and the kind of unit you need to rent.


Research What to Look For in a Storage Facility

Not all storage facilities are the same. Some might have better security features than others or are in a more convenient location. It's essential to research and find the best self storage solution for you.

What size storage unit should you rent?

The size of Calgary storage units you might rent depends on the amount of stuff you want to store. Small units are perfect for household items, boxes of old clothes, and books. Large units can comfortably fit the contents of a studio apartment and likely all your larger appliances like washing machines, refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers.

Bluebird Self Storage has a wide variety of small, medium, and large storage units sizes which can comfortably accommodate your extra home and office furnishings.

Where Is Your Self Storage Unit Located?

Is your storage unit located in the city, or is it further away from most urban city centers?

If you need to visit frequently, choose one nearer where you live or work so you won't have to waste time and fuel traveling far. Suppose you don't need to visit often. In that case, a storage unit closer to highways might be ideal, so it's easier for you to get to your belongings when needed.

What Type of Security Features Are in Place?

The level of security varies from storage facility to facility. If you're storing valuable items, look for a space with tight security measures, such as gated entry, an on-site manager, and video surveillance cameras. These features will ensure that your belongings are well-protected even when you're not around.

What Other Amenities Does the Facility Offer?

Some storage units have additional features and amenities that make your experience more convenient and comfortable. For example, Bluebird Self Storage in Calgary offers heated storage units to protect your belongings from the cold Alberta winters. They also offer drive-up access units which make it easy to load and unload your items.

How Much Will Self Storage Cost in Calgary?

The cost of self storage in Calgary will depend on the size of the unit you choose and how long you plan to rent it. At Bluebird Storage, you can quickly request a quote or find all the details online. Once a final amount is reached, we'll include it in the contract to solidify your reservation and give you peace of mind that your belongings are in good hands.


Other Ways to Help Find Calgary Storage Units

  • Get recommendations from family and friends.
    One of the best ways to find the storage unit that perfectly matches your requirements is to ask if anyone you know has used self storage before. They might have other insights to help with your choice.

  • Check Online Reviews and Ratings.
    Once you've compiled a list of potential storage companies, check out their online reviews and ratings. These will give you an idea of what previous customers have thought of their experience with the company.

  • Visit the Facility and Take a Tour.
    To get a feel of the place, visit the storage facility and take a tour. It will give you a good idea of the security features, cleanliness, and overall condition of the storage units and property. For those who don't have the time, Bluebird Self Storage's website offers virtual tours for selected locations.

Choose the Best Self Storage in Calgary

Finding affordable, accessible, and reliable storage in Calgary is easy when you're organized and know what you want. Of course, you only want the best, with superior amenities and reasonable monthly rates. Our storage facility in Calgary is the solution for you.

At Bluebird Self Storage in Calgary, we understand the value of your stuff. We are committed to serving you and your belongings. We believe in keeping the entire storage experience stress free and are committed to keeping your valuables safe and secure.


You've already found the best storage facilities in Calgary at Bluebird! If you're ready to make a reservation, reach out to us online, or give us a call anytime.

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