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How to Store Artwork in a Storage Unit in Scarborough

Art is priceless. Every piece is made with love and should be treated with the same passion – whether putting the work on display or securing it in storage.

Storing artwork is not as simple as separating the sheet from the frame, rolling up the paper, and sealing it in a box – it is about maintaining the integrity of the artwork. That's what the storage units of Scarborough excel at. 

Haphazardly storing artworks can mess them up. And unlike other belongings, you can't buy a replacement. You should be careful when securing the artworks inside a storage container. If you're negligent, they could get damaged.

At Bluebird Self Storage, you can trust your artwork to stay safe in a secure, climate-controlled storage facility. With heated storage units, ample storage space, and various sizes, your precious items will thrive as they're conveniently stored outside the home.

This guide unveils how to store artworks without damaging them – and secure them for a long time with storage units in Scarborough.


Tips to Ensure that Artwork Remains Safe in Storage

As priceless as they are, artworks are fragile, and their value can decrease with one wrong move. Therefore, we have curated a list to help you store and maintain your art collection properly in Scarborough storage units.

Keep Artwork Away from Sunlight

Light doesn't bode well for artwork, and exposure to sunlight is especially detrimental. The cause lies in the chemical reaction caused due to contact with ultraviolet radiation. 

Oils and acrylics are resilient to minimal exposure - but would you risk it? Directly exposing the painting to light long enough causes the oil paint to lighten, while storing the same piece in the darkness adds depth to the oil paint. 

It's not only the painting that suffers when exposed to direct sunlight; the canvas can also get damaged.

The solution is to store your artwork in a dark container. Research has suggested that minimizing exposure to light consolidates the layer of paint on the artwork. 

Don't Ignore Humidity

Another cause of chemical reactions in your artworks is humidity. That's why most galleries implement specially designed air conditioners—ensuring that humidity in the display region doesn't go beyond 55%. Therefore, before storing your art piece in a Scarborough storage facility, ask the provider to assess the unit's humidity with a hygrometer. It is especially helpful to measure moisture in enclosed spaces. 

Another way to control the moisture level in the storage region is to use a low-powered air blower. But do so from a safe distance. Bring it too close, and it will wipe away the paint from the canvas. However, using the dryer correctly will remove any additional moisture that can damage the art. 

If you don't want to worry about the humidity in your storage units in Scarborough, Bluebird has climate-controlled units that will strip away the worry from investing in a storage facility.

Store the Artwork in a Cool, Dark Scarborough Storage Unit 

Artwork is best stored in a cool, dry, and dark place with minimum temperature fluctuations. Bluebird's climate-controlled storage units fit the bill in this regard. They contain an internal system to vent out excess heat and ensure proper temperature at all times. It is also recommended to use blackout curtains to prevent any ray of light from touching the art piece. 

Do Not Clean Your Paintings

Cleaning your paintings is sometimes necessary. That being said, you can't just bring out water and soap to clean the paintings; artworks are sensitive to moisture, remember?

Does that mean that you should let the blemish stay on? Absolutely not. Soft dusters are your friend, and they are explicitly designed to help you remove any contamination from the layer of paint. Just bring your duster closer to the art piece and gently caress your hands across the artwork. Please don't make any sudden moves, as it will chip away the layer of paint. Before placing your artwork into storage units in Scarborough, make sure your paintings are in good shape.

Buy a Solander Box

If the artwork is small enough, you can put it in a solander box, and it is an acid-free case that looks like a book. Typically, conservationists use it to store old manuscripts, maps, and other valuable pieces of art and documents. 

Once you put the artwork inside the solander box, put the box inside a storage container vertically on a shelf to prevent any crease. When you transfer your solander box to Scarborough self-storage units, put the box inside an airtight storage container.

Keep Glass and Acrylics Clean 

It would be helpful to always dust your acrylic and glass cases on a regular basis, and it will prevent dirt and grime accumulation and transitively will protect the art. 

If the gallery is ancient and preventing cobwebs is out of your hands, always keep a soft microfiber handy. Use it to clean the glass from the inside gently. You'll need to have deft hands for this task because you can't disassemble the glass case. 

Keep Distance Between Stored Artworks

Want to store multiple artworks in a single case? No Problem. Just make sure that the case you're using is at least 2 inches wider than our artwork. Keeping the distance between the artwork is especially important. Therefore, make sure that the storage container you're using has compartments. 

If you can't find such a container, invest in a conversation matboard. It has separate sections to slide your painting in, holding multiple pieces. 

With a perfect Scarborough storage unit from Bluebird, you can keep your artwork safe with room to space. Contact our experienced team about the best unit size for your belongings.

Don't Roll Your Artwork Inside of a Tube

While tubes help you take your artwork to your next destination, it is not meant to store your painting permanently in storage units in Scarborough. If done haphazardly and without putting a cover on the painting first, rolling will destroy your art piece.

Always choose a flat container to store your artwork. It might not give you much leeway in moving around, but it will keep your painting safe in Canadian self-storage.

Don't Let Hands Directly Interact with the Layer of Paint

Unfortunately, the biggest enemy of any work resides in the hands of an artist – natural oil. To circumvent this, always wear gloves when you're transporting your artwork. Cotton gloves are the best, and their soft nature only caresses the layer of paint, not damages it. It also stops the painting from being blemished by your fingerprints. 


Why Choose Storage Units in Scarborough to Store Artworks?

When you're on the move and want your paintings to be safe, the safer bet is to put your trust in a climate-controlled storage facility. The accessible, secure storage units in Scarborough are a godsend to artists and curators who want a place other than a gallery to store their artwork. 

Here are the reasons why:

  1. Proximity: Bluebird, being one of the best storage providers in Scarborough, relies on proximity to make the storage units accessible. These locations are conveniently located, easy to access, and provide drive-up facilities if you want to unload your artworks right away. 

  2. Climate-Controlled Facilities: Taking care of humidity and preventing paintings from being exposed to sunlight is a primary concern in these storage units. Thus, they provide climate-controlled storage units backed by state-of-the-art technology that helps maintain the painting's integrity.

  3. Clean Storage Units: It is not just the climate that Bluebird Self-Storage facilities maintain. When it comes to art, the storage location itself should be pristine to prevent contamination. To care for that, the private staff at Bluebird continually monitors the facility to keep the buildings clean at all times. 


Bluebird Storage Units in Scarborough: The Best Choice

Your artwork needs particular attention, whether on public display or when storing it. In this article, we have unveiled to you the art behind storing said artworks. To keep your artworks secure, Bluebird provides affordable storage units that are climate controlled and pay special attention to cleanliness. 

Bluebird Self Storage has always stood by those who want to keep their belongings secure. Our storage facilities have all of the required amenities to store your artwork and other valuables with confidence. 

Whether you're on the move looking to keep your belongings safe or a business owner seeking a place to hold your inventory, we're here to provide storage solutions you can count on. Reach out to us for further details.

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