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Moving Boxes - To Buy or Not to Buy

Moving Boxes - To Buy or Not to Buy (and What I Learned from My Recent Move)

If you are moving and need boxes or other moving supplies, your local self-storage facility can likely supply you with everything that you need.
Many self-storage facilities carry a wide variety of boxes and moving supplies. These boxes are useful for organizing items in storage and are essential for packing for a move. However, you might be wondering why anyone would pay for boxes instead of scrounging them for free from the neighborhood liquor or grocery store. There are actually many good reasons (and a good economic argument) for buying boxes designed for moving rather than for holding bottles, cans, or produce. Finding free boxes is also not as easy as it used to be. 
  • Most liquor stores and grocery stores are now participating in recycling programs and will no longer part with their empty boxes. 
  • The big disadvantage with free boxes is that you end up with a random mix of box sizes that do not pack well together. Void spaces between the boxes mean more everything – more “trips” for the movers carrying boxes out to the truck, more space used on the moving truck, more “trips” for the movers, and then more space needed for storage, resulting in a bigger storage unit.
  • Buying new boxes was the way to go. New boxes are “new” obviously and are in great shape. Whether you are moving yourself or hiring someone to move you, purpose-built moving boxes are far more efficient, as boxes of uniform size can be packed closely together with no void spaces between the boxes.

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