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What is the Best RV Outdoor Storage Solution During Winter?

Nothing’s as enjoyable as traveling across the country with your family in an RV. For many, this relaxing vehicle getaway is the ultimate vacation - however, what happens once summer is over, and it’s time to park your RV until next year? You have to find a secure, long-term location to store your RV until the next road trip.

While RV’s are an exciting purchase for many, RV parking can be incredibly stressful for RV owners. That’s why today, we’re highlighting the best RV parking solutions and the benefits of choosing self-storage in East Calgary, so you feel confident storing your RV during the off-season.


The Best RV Outdoor Storage Solution 

An RV is a wise investment for many reasons, primarily because they’re a great way to have fun with the entire family. Instead of staying in hotels for summer vacations, everyone can sleep comfortably in their recreational vehicle, and when it’s time to go, determine their next destination. However, once things start to cool down, most RV owners are ready to park their RV for the season - the question is, where are you going to store it for the next six months?

While it’s tempting to store it at home, the best RV parking solution is keeping your RV at a local self-storage facility. A self-storage facility has the capacity and protection to keep your RV secure during the winter months, so you can have peace of mind that your RV will be ready for many more adventures the following year!


Outdoor RV Parking

If you’re inclined to keep your RV outdoors during the winter months, Bluebird offers outdoor RV parking as our storage solution in East Calgary. Keeping your RV in our outdoor lot is an excellent option for keeping your RV secure during the winter months! Plus, you don’t have to think about finding a storage unit large enough to accommodate your rig with outdoor RV parking.

Outdoor RV parking is ideal for individuals that need to keep their RV secure and don’t want to  Discuss your RV parking needs with your local Bluebird facility to see how we can help store your RV during the winter!

Our outdoor RV parking is also ideal for vehicles, boats, 5th wheels, and anything else that can be insured and registered!


Prep Your RV for Self-Storage

Before handing over your RV to a local storage facility near you, it’s essential to ready your vehicle for self-storage. Whether you choose to store your RV in an indoor storage unit or an outdoor storage lot, it’s wise to prepare your RV for storage so it stays in excellent shape for the months ahead. The most basic steps for RV parking prep include:

  • Removing additional food from your RV
  • Cleaning and prepping your fridge
  • Protecting your RV’s plumbing
  • Vacuuming and dusting your RV
  • Removing extra linens or supplies 

If you want an in-depth look at how to prep your RV for winter, check out our 6 Steps to Winterize Your RV for more helpful storage advice! It’s important to note that we also require your RV registration and proof of insurance before storing your RV with us for the season.


Why Avoid At Home Storage?

As tempting as it is to store your RV at home, the reality is that it’s incredibly challenging to keep your RV parked in the driveway. Typically, your RV takes up valuable space, making it difficult to leave home. Also, parking it on the street can be a nuisance to neighbors, and they could report you to your local HOA for leaving a recreational vehicle parked for an extended period.

Additionally, leaving an RV in your backyard isn’t ideal to look at, nor is it kind to your backyard. An RV is simply too big to keep at home for an extended period, and it could be damaging to your RV and your home if left unattended for months on end. Storing your RV at a storage facility near you is the best long-term solution because your RV stays protected, and life at home can continue like usual.


Discover RV Self-Storage in East Calgary 

When it comes to storing your RV in a local storage facility, look no further than Bluebird’s self-storage facility in East Calgary. While every Bluebird facility is one-of-a-kind, our East Calgary facility is equipped to keep your RV secure during the coldest winter months. When it comes to keeping your RV in pristine condition, you can always count on Bluebird. Our Easy Calgary facility even has an on-site sani-dump, so you can dispose of any waste before storing your RV at our facility. The best part? You can take a virtual tour of our Chestermere, Alberta storage facility from the comforts of home!

Our self-storage facility in East Calgary has plenty of other amenities that make the stay more enjoyable for you and your RV. In addition to our RV outdoor storage solutions, we also have:

  • Climate-Controlled Storage Units
  • Temperature-Controlled and Unheated Storage Units
  • Vehicle Storage
  • Vehicle Parking
  • Boat Parking
  • Ready to Use Boardroom
  • Large Cargo Area

If you’re ready to find smart storage solutions for your RV, home, business, or vehicles, our East Calgary facility has the amenities and features you need to store your belongings safely. Whether you’re in the heart of downtown or closer to Chestermere, our Calgary storage facilities are here to help simplify your moving experience.

When you choose to store at Bluebird, renting our Calgary storage units is incredibly straightforward! Depending on your storage needs, renting a storage unit can be done in three steps.

  • Select Your Unit
    • Based on your RV parking needs, or additional storage requirements, select the unit size with all necessary amenities. Our temperature-regulated units make your belongings more comfortable during their stay.

  • Reserve Move-In Date
    • Depending on the unit you need, you can reserve your storage unit through our online rental portal or in person.

  • Unpack Your Belongings
    • All that’s left is to get settled into our facility on your move-in date! Self-storage is an incredibly simple, seamless experience when you choose to store your stuff with Bluebird.

If you’re ready to find the best RV parking in East Calgary, it’s time to store your stuff at Bluebird!

Want to see the inside of our incredible East Calgary location? Now, you can take a virtual tour of our Chestermere facility and preview our amazing self-storage units.

Benefits of Storage in East Calgary

Whether you need a short-term or long-term storage solution, our Calgary self-storage facility has the space you need to store your belongings with ease. Even though every Bluebird location is unique, every facility is held to the highest standards as part of The Bluebird Difference. When you choose Bluebird Self Storage, you can always expect the following:

  • State of the Art Facilities
    • Our clean, modern, bright facilities are always perfectly maintained, so you feel at home the moment you arrive.
    • Every Bluebird facility has security cameras and monitoring 24/7, so your belongings have the most protection possible. We also give each tenant a personal access code, providing another layer of security for your belongings.

  • No Rent Increases
    • When you reserve a unit with Bluebird, our rates are 100% locked in for the duration of your stay - we don’t believe in bait and switch pricing tactics.

  • Full Month’s Value
    • At Bluebird, we believe that every great relationship starts with honesty, and for us, honesty means providing you with a full month’s value of storage. In addition to our locked-in rent prices, we base our rates on an entire month’s service, not 28-day billing cycles.

  • Friendly, In-Person Service
    • Whether you visit in person or pick up the phone and call, you’ll always talk to one of our friendly team members when you choose to store at Bluebird.

  • Protection Plan
    • Accidents happen sometimes - that’s why we offer our customers an affordable protection plan that keeps their possessions safe in case of an emergency.

  • Daily Access Hours
    • Accessing your unit before or after work has never been easier, thanks to our 6 AM - 11 PM access hours.

Ready to store your stuff with Bluebird? Visit our
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