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Don't Throw That Away! Saving Your Child's Belongings for Your Next Baby

As a new parent, you probably worked hard to find the perfect furniture, clothing and toys for your first child. But as she outgrows these items, don't be in a hurry to sell or donate them. If you plan to have more children one day, then it makes sense to store your child's possessions now so her future siblings can use them too. Here's how to clean and store these items to keep them in perfect condition.

Storing Baby Furniture

You can keep cribs, strollers, and changing tables in your storage unit and pull them out again for use with your next baby. Dismantle cribs and other furniture into large sections. Bedding and mattress pads should be washed and stored separately. Make sure to wipe down any furniture before you place it in storage so it's clean when you pull it out again.


Keeping Clothing Safe

All those cute and sometimes costly baby outfits will be a great start for your next child's wardrobe. Thoroughly wash and dry everything before packing it into plastic storage bins or other containers. As much as possible, try to group clothing by size and then label the boxes before you put them away. This will save you time when you want to pull out a certain size from your stockpile. You can also pack a dryer sheet or two in each container to help maintain freshness.

Storing Books and Toys for the Long Term

Keep the best of your child's books and toys safe in storage so her future siblings can enjoy them one day, too. Start by removing any batteries from toys as those can become corroded over time. Then thoroughly wash or wipe clean all of the books and toys you plan to store. Use resealable bags or plastic containers to keep small toy pieces together. As with everything, try to label your boxes and containers so that you can quickly pull out the desired books or toys in the future.

By storing your child's items now, you'll save the time and money you would have spent on finding similar items for your next child. You'll also have the satisfaction of seeing treasured items being shared and enjoyed by your whole family.

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