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5 Self Storage Tips for Business Owners | Self Storage Montreal Quebec

As a small business owner, you likely have plenty of work on your plate. Between managing a business, securing sales, and assisting employees, the last thing you should be thinking about is your business storage needs. However, sometimes lack of storage space or an overflow of inventory forces business owners to reevaluate their current business storage situation.

If you're a small business owner looking for storage solutions in Montreal, Bluebird Self Storage has the answers you need! Our spacious storage units can accommodate companies of any size, so you don't feel overwhelmed or unorganized at work. Today, we're taking a close look at the benefits of storage, essential tips that streamline your storage process, and why our self-storage facility in Montreal, Quebec, is the best choice for your belongings!

Benefits of Business Storage

Dealing with an overcrowded office isn’t just stressful - it can take away from your daily productivity! Sorting through old inventory, paperwork, records, and invoices to find relevant information wastes valuable time. There’s no need to keep old files or additional merchandise at your storefront or business! Not to mention, it makes it harder to stay organized - which can have long-term effects on the success of your business.

At Bluebird Self-Storage, we understand that your business needs to run smoothly to be successful. That success has to start somewhere - where better to begin than with a designated place to store your extra equipment, inventory, and paperwork? A self-storage unit provides the extra space and organization a business needs to be successful. 

Curious what benefits business self-storage can provide? We’ve rounded up our favorite reasons down below!

  • Have Accessible Storage Near You
    • Even though keeping additional inventory at the office seems convenient, it typically ends up taking over your back office, storage closets, or even your storefront! Choosing storage near your office means you can pop by and pick up items as you need them!
    • Bluebird Self Storage is located all across Canada, so that you can find our facilities with ease! Our location in Montreal, Quebec, is ideal for keeping your business items until you need them again!

  • You Can Finally Plan Ahead
    • A cluttered retail floor or unorganized back room can be frustrating, but it’s also tough to account for different clients or projects if everything is in one location. If you’re planning for upcoming projects, events, or future sales, a storage unit allows you to prepare without sacrificing your existing square footage.

  • Determine Your Rent and Size Needs
    • Self-storage offers a wide range of unit sizes so that you can decide what’s right for your business. Our Montreal facility has storage units ranging from 2.5’ x 5’ to 40’ x 50’. Whether you need to store old records and paperwork or even inventory backlog, our units are here to accommodate your storage needs!

  • Regain Valuable Office Space
    • You’re in control of your business - so don’t let inventory, merchandise, or seasonal items overtake the space. With a storage unit, you can reclaim the square footage you need to conduct your business.

  • Practical Storage Solutions
    • Most storage alternatives for business owners mean renting or using another space for overflow. For larger businesses, this could mean a warehouse that’s unrealistic in its costs or even being forced to use a room at home if you’re just starting! A storage unit is easy to rent, and you can decide how long you’d like to use the extra room.

Our self-storage facility in Montreal is ideal for storing everything your business needs to be successful! Plus, with our flexible storage rentals, you can upgrade or downgrade your unit based on your current storage needs. At Bluebird, we believe in putting your business first!

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Our Top Five Self Storage Tips for Business Owners

Considering moving forward with a self-storage unit in Montreal for your business, but aren’t sure how to prepare for moving day? We have you covered! Bluebird understands how important it is to feel confident in your move - that’s why we’re recommending some helpful self-storage unit tips!

1. Determine the Purpose of Your Storage Unit

No two industries are exactly alike, so before you rent a unit, think about its purpose. Are you in medical sales and looking for a place to store extra sales inventory? Are you in construction or landscaping and need an affordable storage solution for your equipment? Or is this just a place to keep records and documents? Determining the intent of your unit makes it a lot easier to consider how long you’ll want to rent!

Once you narrow down what you plan on storing inside your unit, you’ll be able to determine the unit size and the overall cost of your rental. The overall storage size can be as small or large as you need - it just depends on your goals. Large units are ideal for equipment storage, while smaller units are better for records and smaller items. Our storage units in Montreal can accommodate small, medium, and larger storage needs.

2. Identify High Need Items 

We all have certain items we need to access more frequently. Whether that means it’s promotional merchandise, work equipment, or other things that help your business run smoothly, these are the belongings you’ll need to find first when visiting your storage unit. Place these boxes or equipment in the front of your unit for easy access; otherwise, you’ll be moving around items and end up losing track of where they went!

3. Organize Inventory and Merchandise 

If you’re a small business owner in retail or run a side hustle that involves seasonal merchandise, it’s best to keep these organized within your unit. Whether it’s furniture, decor, or clothing, grouping like with like cuts downtime spent looking through boxes or seeking out individual pieces. Plus, it makes loading and unloading these items throughout the year easier to manage!

4. Have an Organizational Storage Chart

It’s no secret that storage can be challenging to navigate, especially if you’re unsure what’s inside each box! Instead of wondering what’s near the back of your unit, create an organizational chart to identify what’s inside. Otherwise, there are too many locations to search when you need to pick something up! Color-code your boxes and keep track of inventory on a separate chart that you can leave near the door of your unit. When you come to visit, simply pick up the chart and find what you’re looking for in minutes! For more helpful organization tips, read our guide on How to Organize a Self-Storage Unit for Efficiency and Easy Access

4. Select the Right Storage Unit Size

Before you can reorganize and declutter your office or backroom, it’s important to determine the right unit size for your needs. The last thing you want is to end up moving multiple times because you picked the wrong size!

While Bluebird is more than happy to let you upgrade or downgrade your unit, we recommend thinking about your storage needs to minimize hassle and moving stress. Is this a long-term rental or something for the season? Depending on the answer, you’ll need to allow for additional storage space if you sell seasonal merchandise or know you’ll encounter busier times of the year!

If you need to find storage near you, our Montreal location is ideal for your needs.

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Why Choose Business Self Storage in Montreal, Quebec 

If you’re a business owner in Montreal or Saint Laurent, Quebec, our Henri-Bourassa storage location is ideal for your storage needs! At Bluebird, we understand that running a business should be your priority. That’s why we make our location ideal for storing business, household, and moving items!

Our storage facility is located on 4590 Boulevard, Henri-Bourassa Ouest, centrally located in Montreal. That makes it easy to drop off or pick up your business equipment on your own time! Our daily access hours from 6 AM - 11 PM allow you to start or end your day at our facility so that you can prepare for business the next day.

While our Montreal storage location is ideal for keeping your business belongings, many accommodating and accessible features are designed to keep you and your items safe and comfortable! As a storage company near you, we want you to feel confident in your decision, why is why we offer the following universal features at every location:

  • Clean, Secure, and Welcoming Amenities
    • Part of our service isn’t just storing your stuff - it’s making you feel at home! Every aspect of our facility is clean, modern, and well-lit, so you’re at ease upon arrival. Plus, we have helpful packing and moving supplies like boxes, packing paper, tape, and so much more! These items, paired with our welcoming atmosphere, will make this feel like home.
    • Our secure storage facilities are gated and require keypad access, so only our staff and tenants have access to units! This is how we look after our customers and their possessions.

  • A Friendly In-Person Team
    • You can always count on our friendly team members to assist you throughout your stay at all of our Bluebird locations! Whether you have questions about our storage units or need help finding the best storage solutions for your belongings, we pride ourselves on providing exceptional service throughout your stay! 

  • A Full Month Value of Storage
    • As a company, we value your dollar above everything else. That’s why we actually charge you for a full month of storage instead of basing our rates around 28-day billing cycles. At our storage facilities, we believe in being transparent and consistent with our prices from the start. You’ll never pay too much for storage at Bluebird.

  • No Rent Increases for 365 Days
    • Too many facilities offer too good to be true introductory rent prices, only to increase total payments further down the road! Rent per month shouldn’t be a surprise - you should know exactly what you’re paying for! That’s why our prices are locked in for the duration of your stay with us.

  • Contact-Free Rentals
    • Once you find the best storage solutions for your business, we make it easy for you to rent from us! Our contact-free rental system allows you to rent from the comfort of your home. Just contact our Henri-Bourassa location or find a storage unit near you using our Storage Locator.

If you’re ready to organize your business and make the most of your storage situation, Bluebird is here to help! Our self-storage units and facilities are ideal for business, moving, and household storage!


It’s Time to Rent a Self Storage Unit in Montreal

If you’re ready to maximize your business storage space, then it’s time to look into self-storage in Montreal. Our facility doesn’t just have universal Bluebird amenities to keep your belongings safe - we also have a few distinct features that can protect your stuff while it’s in our care!

Our two featured amenities are our temperature-controlled storage units and an accommodating loading dock! Our temperature-controlled storage means our units are heated, safeguarding your stuff against extreme cold. Our heated units are ideal for protecting paperwork and documents that can’t be subjected to harsh conditions.

Our helpful loading dock makes it easy to transport belongings from your car or truck into your unit. With our free moving amenities, like hand dollies and loading carts, you can easily move your belongings into your storage unit. Whether it’s furniture for retail, sales merchandise, or equipment for your industry, our Montreal storage location can make your move simple from the start.

If you’re looking for reliable Montreal storage, Bluebird Self Storage is the solution you need! We’re local to Saint Laurent, Cartierville, Bois-Franc, and Nouveau-Bordeaux, so no matter where you are, you can find us with ease. Whether your business is in Longueuil, Laval, or other areas near Montreal, Bluebird is always here to help!

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